Theory and Methods of Light-Field Photography

Anchorage, June 28, 2008

Todor Georgiev and Andrew Lumsdaine

Question (June 16): On what date was the first public announcement of lightfield ideas made in the United States? (Hint: The publication was in New York Times) --> Answer

Question (June 23): What was the first lightfield camera, and when was it proposed? (Hint: It's before Lippmann.) --> Answer: This is the Ives', or the Mask-enhanced "Heterodyne" Light-field Camera.

Question (June 30): What are the other names of the lightfield? --> Answer:

Parallax Panoramagrams (Ives 1903)

Integral Photographs (Lippmann 1908)

Radiance (physics, astronomy, optics, radiometry, 3D graphics)

Plenoptic Function (Adelson and Bergen 1991)

Light Field (Levoy and Hanrahan 1996). Note that Gershun (1936) used the same term with different meaning.

Lumigraph (Gortler et al. 1996)


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